The Perfect Puppy Program

Program Details


Getting a puppy is an exciting, exhilarating—and daunting—experience with many pitfalls along the way. Finding a healthy, behaviorally sound puppy that’s a great match for you is difficult enough. Raising a puppy to be a well-mannered, sociable, easygoing dog is a challenge. Why not leave it to Bradley Phifer Dog Training? We can take the anxiety, uncertainty, and worry out of acquiring and raising a puppy. With this all-inclusive service, we help you choose the right puppy for you, then spend from 1 month to 6 months training and socializing your puppy. You get updates every step of the way—photos, emails, videos. Finally, we’ll help you transition the puppy into its new home and family.

Puppy Selection

Choosing the right puppy is the critical first step. A consultation with you and your family about: breed type, size, energy level, temperament, level of grooming, etc. Based on your goals, preferences, and needs, we will recommend the right breed, the correct breeder and travel to the breeder’s home to evaluate temperament, and test the puppies’ structure and soundness. You make the final choice from our recommendation.

Puppy Training

Your puppy comes to live with us for daily training and socialization. Your puppy shares my home and plays with my dogs. Your puppy’s homeschooling includes:

Basic Obedience:
  • Sit and down
  • Stay and Release
  • Watch me
  • Go to your mat
  • Wait for food
  • Wait at the door
  • Come when called.
House Manners:
  • House-training
  • Crate training
  • Polite greeting of guests
  • Chew training.
Outside Manners:
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Greet people politely
  • Drop it
  • Car etiquette.

Puppy Handling

Your puppy will learn to accept and enjoy grooming, including teeth and ear cleaning, nail clipping, bathing, blow-drying, trimming, and brushing. The puppy will learn to enjoy visits to the vet and won’t think twice about having her teeth or ears examined, paws and legs palpated, being lifted, and temperature taking.

Puppy Socialization

Socialization during the first few months of your puppy’s life, is where a puppy learns about the world—what is safe what is not…what is expected…boundaries…appropriate behavior. These months can determine whether your puppy grows into a confident, trusting, enjoyable companion. We will make sure your puppy is not fearful by teaching him to accept and enjoy:

Home Environment: Vacuum cleaner, washer, dryer, dishwasher, alarm system, telephones, TV, radio, etc. Cars and garage doors, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, garden hoses, etc.
Dogs & People: Dogs of all kinds (bouncy, shy, flat-faced, floppy eared, wheezy, long-haired) and all kinds of people (men, women, old, young, toddling, bespectacled, hat-wearing, in uniform)
Community: Field trips to schools, parks, retirement homes, busy shopping areas, etc.

Transition Process

You and your family will learn all of the commands the puppy has been taught so that you are certain that your puppy settles into your home, your routine. You’ll also get tips on grooming, feeding, crating, continued house-training, and so on. During this process, we will also puppy proof your home. For example: Install baby gates to block access to off-limit areas. Hide electrical cords and other hazards. Safeguard plants and valuable furniture.

Service Details

Duration: 1 to 6 months Fee: Ask for a training proposal and quote* Included: Training, socialization, room & board, frequent updates (photos, emails, videos) *Out of pocket expenses including where appropriate the cost of a puppy, and travel. Health costs, vaccinations, etc.  are charged separately, at cost.



13 years’ experience

Expert dog trainer

Certified by the CCPDT

Gentle, dog-friendly methods

President for CCPDT

“I highly recommend Brad as his methods are intuitive and he has an ability to work with any dog type…. Small, large, smart, silly, shy, aggressive.

Do yourself and your dog a favor… Talk to Brad!”


Indianapolis, IN