Board & Train, The In-Home Training Service


Program Details

Frustrated with your dog but don’t have time or the necessary skills to train? Changing your dog’s behavior and manners for the better is a relatively simple process—but it takes time, consistency, and many, many, many repetitions. If you can’t fit dog training into your schedule, this service is for you.

Board & Train is vital for addressing:


Essential Manners

Rude Behavior

Puppy & Adolescents

Sit, down, stay, etc. Jumping House-training
Leash manners Pulling on leash Chew training
Polite greetings Counter surfing Socialization to other dogs
Coming when called Chewing, mouthing Handling
Paying attention Rushing the door Impulse control


We can help with these and many other behavior issues such as fears, phobia and aggression.

(Serious behavior problems are better dealt with in the dog’s own environment. For help, see behavior modification.)

Service details

Where: Your dog stays with me

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks, depending on training goals

Fees: $700/week

Includes: Daily training sessions, field trips, and supervised dog-dog play. One hour’s transition instruction per week to make certain you and your family are comfortable with all the commands your dog has learned.

*Please note that all dogs must be current on and show proof of vaccinations, including rabies and Bordetella. Current flea/tick treatment required.


Convenience – your dog stays with us

Quick results from several daily sessions

Regular updates on your dog’s progress

Only humane, science-based training methods are used

Sophie came back from her stay with Bradley a different dog. She is responsive to commands. Looks to us for direction and is more settled around the house.


Indianapolis, IN