What Would You Like To Know?

What geographic areas do you cover?
In his private training practice, Brad works with dog owners throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan and surroundings areas. The Perfect Puppy program is a nationwide service—we’ve placed puppies for families as far away as Los Angeles.

What exactly do your certifications mean?
It means Brad’s skills and knowledge of behavioral science have been tested in rigorous, standardized exams. The letters behind Brad’s name stand for “certified behavior consultant canine – knowledge-assessed” and “certified professional dog trainer – knowledge and skills-assessed.” Both are designations issued by the only independent credentialing organization in the dog training world. Find out more about my certifications.

What is the Perfect Puppy program?
A custom-tailored, all-inclusive service to buy and place the “perfect puppy” for you, your family and your lifestyle preferences. From breed and breeder selection to temperament testing…from recommending puppy choices to spending time training and socializing the puppy and placing the puppy in its new home.  It’s a comprehensive package for dog owners who want a well-behaved, attentive, and universally friendly dog—but don’t have the time nor the skills it takes to select, raise and train a young puppy. Learn more about the Perfect Puppy program.

What is best—private lessons or sending my dog to you for in-home training?
That depends in part on the behavior issues you are facing, your personal preferences and availability. General manners and obedience questions can often be addressed faster and more effectively with an in-home training stay, also called board-and-train. More serious behavior problems like aggression and fear are often better dealt with in private sessions. If you’re not sure which service to choosewould be best for your dog, feel free to get in touch for advice.

How does your training change my dog’s problematic behavior?
We apply universally accepted principles of animal learning theory. It is behavior modification that, when carried out by a knowledgeable professional, can turn even the most rude, unschooled dog into a welcome, well-behaved companion.

My dog lunges and barks at other dogs while on leash. What should I do?
This is known as “leash reactivity” and the best thing to do is to get help. Contact us or, if you’re not in Indianapolis, a certified dog trainer in your area. Until you can get started with a systematic training regimen to change your dog’s behavior, do your best not to aggravate the problem. Avoid places with lots of other dogs, such as parks and beaches. When you spot another dog in the distance, change directions or slip behind a car or fence to block your dog’s line of sight.

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